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OstroVit Creametto 350 g HAZELNUT

Dhs. 24.00 AED

OstroVit Creametto Vege 350 g

OstroVit Creametto Vege 350 g is a natural vegan cream with a cocoa-nut flavor. No extra sugar, no palm oil or no powdered milk, thanks to which it is a perfect vegan snack which you can grab any time of the day!

  • 350 g of delicious vegan cream
  • No artificial color additives
  • Natural sugars only
  • No palm oil and powdered milk

Maltitol-sweetened delicious cream

OstroVit Creametto Vege 350 g is a perfect choice to those who love sweets but also wish to avoid negative consequences of consuming them. The composition of OstroVit Creametto Vege 350 g includes among others healthy vegetable fats and carbohydrates, and maltitol as a sweetener whose calorific value is 50% of the sugar’s and its glycemic index is low.

Perfect match for pancakes and desserts

You can treat the product as a reasonable alternative to popular creams, whose compositions leave a lot to be desired. OstroVit Creametto Vege 350 g can surely be added to pancakes, cakes, bread and various desserts, the only limitation is your imagination!


  • Vegan formula
  • Source of vegetable fats
  • Valuable source of carbohydrates
  • Perfect match for pancakes, cakes, bread, rice waffles and desserts
  • Healthy alternative to popular creams
  • Maltitol-sweetened product, 50% less calorific than sugar

Suggested Usage

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